Dr. Liu is awesome! I had edema on my left foot from an injury for 3 months, after the second treatment it's gone. Today, he treated me with my shoulder pain, I felt instant relief!I highly recommend Dr. Liu for everyone!

---Wonhee Florio 

 I highly recommend Dr. Liu for painless results. He has solved my incontinence problem. It's wonderful to feel normal again. 

WOOHOO! Thank you, Dr. Liu!

---Karen Olenick

Dr. Liu is a wonderful and extensively experienced acupuncturist! My neurosurgeon recommended I go to him, and I am so glad I did. I've been amazed by the results!

---Staisha Riehl 

Amazing amazing amazing!! I originally came in for treatment to quit smoking, and it work.. First treatment I continued to smoke a pack a day, second treatment not even a half a pack a day. Third treatment no longer smoke.. I am still getting acupuncture done, but for weight loss and face rejuvenation.. Which by the second treatment for smoking, I could see my skin around my neck and on my ace tightening back up.. I have more energy, feel amazing, and my youth is back along with looking younger!! This is my balance in life!

---Amanda J. 

So glad to have found Dr Liu. I was referred to his practice by my immunologist. Wish I had found him years ago. Do not be afraid to try acupuncture . You really don't feel the needles, all you feel is relief. The relief of pain is amazing, you will also feel extremely calm and peaceful. I highly recommend Dr Liu. As my fiance loves to say, Dr. Liu gets right to the point! :-) ---Sherry Parker Daniel 

Dr. Liu is fantastic! I have been suffering from migraines for years and have tried everything. I noticed a reduction in pain after my first treatment and continue to improve. My husband has also started to see him for sciatica as well as his temperament issues. I have been stunned by the difference I have seen. He's changing my life and my husband's for the better! Thank you so much!

 ---Andrea Bersanini

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